Helena Klakocar

Helena Klakocar is a versatile artist. She is a painter, a maker of animation films, comics and illustrations, a graphic storyteller.

She was born in Bosnia, her father was a doctor from Zagreb, and her mother a pharmacist.
When she was seven years old her family moved to Maribor, Slovenia.
She studied graphic art at the Art Academie, in Zagreb. With her husband she lived and worked between Zageb and Sibenik.

She made many posters and even one animation film, iniciate group ZZot with international success.
In winter 90/91 she worked in SC Gallery in Zagreb. In summer 1991 they were sailing in Adriatic and visit Corfu. Because of the outburst of the war in Former Yugoslavia they spent one winter in Greece, on their catamaran. During this long and cold winter she wrote a diary that later was printed as graphic novel “Passage en douce” (title later changed in Rough See) in Belgium , awarded as the best “‘foreign book”‘ of the year ’99 on the International festival of the BD in Angulem (Fr). She also received the “France info”‘ radio award and a grant by Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, and later from Centre de la livre, Paris, to continue with this story.

She made Rough see 2, published, until now, in Slovenian and Croatian language. It is a book about immigration experience in Holland, a critic on existing immigrants policy.
Lately she has been working and travelling mostly between Zagreb, Pula in Croatia and Holland.
Her books are translated in several languages: French, Slovenian and Italian.
Today she has been making internet comics, collaborating with many artists and with Artist union REALITY, based in Amsterdam.
She has been working on international collaborative project which is growing out of her fiction story: “‘Moisture, Frost and Salt “.
This story is not a critic but the optimistic vision of our common today and near future thru adventures of three refugees living in Holland.