Rita (Ghita) El Khayat

Rita (Ghita) El Khayat lived for ten years in France and Europe.

-Medical Doctor, she became psychiatrist and holds two other specialties in medicine. She returned to live in Morocco where she was born, to do what she has always loved (Latin, literature, philosophy, drawing and painting) and writing as well.

She also is a journalist and author of numerous articles and books on the Status of Women in the Arab-Islamic world.

-She has taught, and travelled all around the world, gave lectures in many countries: and is dedicated today to the practice of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, to the art criticism, fiction and poetry, she is also lecturer at the University of Chieti, Italy, where she teaches Anthropology of Knowledge. (Department of Philosophy).

-She was admitted to the International PEN after the vote of December 2003 in Mexico City

-She is a Knight of the Order of the Throne in Morocco (1995)

-Honorary Citizen of the City of Pescara (October 2006)

Rita (Ghita) EL KHAYAT is:

-Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst (graduated in Paris)

-Graduated of Occupational Medicine and Ergonomics (graduated in Bordeaux)

-Graduated from medical aerospace (graduated in Paris)

- Ph.D. in Anthropology of the Arab world (School of High Studies in Social Sciences, EHESS/Paris)

-Professor at University of Milano and conceiver of the chair of “Anthropology of knowledge and cognition”

-Member of the Department of Women’s Studies (UQAM University of Quebec Canada)

-Writer: thirty-six books published to date (Mars 2012)

-She is Ambassador of the “Mediterranean Games” of 2009 (Pescara, Italy)

-Laureate of the «Prize for Peace 2007» she received at Maiori, Italy (October 2007)

-She is a member of the Council of Directors of the International Festival Film of Marrakech.

-She was appointed on December 2006 as a Member of the Ethics Committee of 2M, the Moroccan Radio Channel & TV.

-She is a member of the African network FEMNET(African Women’s Development and Communication Network) since 2007

-She hosts a daily literary program, called «A Book, a Friend « on the Moroccan national radio since June 2008.

-She has published 36 books to date, wrote in twenty collective books, has authored over one hundred fifty scientific articles (about Medicine, Psychiatry, psychoanalysis, anthropology, art, reflection, etc.).